Unique Value Proposition

The DEE Bulldog Difference

  • Manufacturing & Distribution Services – DEE is a Manufactur-ing and a Distribution company, so we can tackle both manufactured assembly projects and component issues, and anything in between (ie. Cost Savings/VAVE initiatives, Value-Add Services, Kitting, Sub-assembly, Modification, Custom Logistics, Supply programs, etc…)
  • DEE Executive Management hands-on involvement (Unparalleled DEE Management Attention and Mindshare directly with you and your teams)
  • Client –Centric Focus and Ultra-Responsiveness that is second to none(it is all about you, and it starts with you, our client)
  • A willingness AND the ability to do what YOU want done —

DEE has a unique COMBINATION OF Extraordinary Talent, Flexibility, Capabilities, and Resources + The Bulldog Attitude

  • Credibility – ISO9000 Certified, Six Sigma Practitioners, UL/CSA, working exclusively with OEM clients since 1959 (Preferred Supplier to Bosch, Ingersoll Rand, Trane Corp, Thermo King Corp, UTC, ITW)
  • The Bulldog Attitude – DEE is willing to get into the ‘alligator pit’ with you and guarantee results — Driving Cost Savings, Solving Crit-ical Problems, Saving Time-Space-Money, Supplier Consolida-tion. The Willingness and Ability to Guarantee Results.
  • Our Warranty, Our Reputation, Our Promise – There’s a higher level of comfort when you work with DEE, because of our Quality Guaran-tees as well as our vast experience since 1959. Over the course of our tried and tested 58-year history we have built a reputation on creating trust and loyalty with our clients by always having their best interests at front and center of our mind. We want you, our client, to have the most productive experience possible. That’s why we go to such great lengths to make cer-tain everything happens even better than the way you want it to.

Why DEE Manufacturing & Distribution is worth our Weight in Gold to YOU?

  • DEE is a Supplier Reduction Expert – vast experience being a “tool” to dramatically reduce supplier counts
  • DEE is an Expert Critical Problem Solver, even for the ‘problem that can’t be solved’ or ‘has never been solved’
  • Because DEE is a Manufacturer and a Distribution company, we can address Control Panels, Wire Harnesses, Electro Mech Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Box Build Assemblies, Mechanical Assemblies, Complete Products, Packaging, Kitting, Logistics programs, Component Supply, Importation, Exportation, Sourcing, VMI/Kan Ban/Pull Systems, and everything in between
  • Ultra-Responsiveness and High Level Management Hands-on Involvement
  • DEE crosses over and deals with many different Commodity Categories
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified, Six Sigma Practitioners, Lean Practitioner
  • Expert at First Article Approval and PPAP Process
  • World Class Tier 2 Supplier Quality/Performance Management System
  • DEE has been serving Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1959
  • Because of our Client Centric, Brand Neutral, Multi commodity approach, DEE can and will take on projects that others will not, or can not
  • Consistently High OSA and SPA Scores (On-Site Assessments and Supplier Process Audits done by our clients)
  • Innovative and Aggressive – we are all about Cost Savings, Waste Elimination, Efficiency Improvement, Inventory Reduction, Quality Improvement, Lead Time Reduction, VAVE Value Added Value Engineering
  • Highly supportive of and involved with Sustainability Measures
    • Reusable Container Systems and/or Packaging Elimination Services
    • Transportation Cost Elimination Services
    • Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction Strategies
  • DEE provides Customization at a Part level, Plant level, Program level, Person level, Order Shipment Level
  • Impeccable On-Time and Quality Delivery Track Record, no line downs” attitude and approach
  • Plenty of Capacity for Growth
  • DEE deals with Clients and Suppliers Worldwide