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If you are looking for major Cost Savings, targeted Supplier Reduction, Extreme Responsiveness, Your most difficult problem on your desk solved, Options to Design or Redesign projects, Hassle-Free On-time delivery, you have come to the right place. DEE is a client-focused Value-Added and Value-Creation Integrator that focuses on your goals, problems, and needs above all else. We put our clients needs above our own, get into the alligator pit with you, put ourselves on the line, and act as a Trusted Advisor in everything we do.

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If you are an existing client of DEE, you can check our inventory via your custom Extranet portal or via DeeCommerce. If you are not sure how to access it, please contact your DEE Representative or email us at to get your login information.
If you are a new client and want to search DEE's inventory, contact us at or call 800-747-3331, and ask about the different services we offer to Search our Inventory.

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What Others Like You Say about DEE:

DEE has made a big difference for me, offering up many solutions to application problems. When I throw an application problem at DEE, they come back with multiple solutions quickly, not just one. And if those first solutions are not acceptable to me, I tell them what I need, and they keep bringing me more until all my requirements are met. I do not have to remind or follow up with DEE to ask them how they are coming, because they keep me posted. They are very passionate about finding solutions, regardless of whether they are custom or standard, component or assembly oriented --- and it saves me time which I can use to focus on other aspects of my project."

- Stan Hoium, Senior Electrical Engineer

Dee Electronics has consistently proven that they are not simply a “vendor”, “supplier” and/or “distributor”. They take the time to understand our goals and objectives with each project they proactively go after or project we ask for their assistance on. Their focus on our efficiency and their own efficiency proves time and time again to garner the best results. Recently our plant was in a line down/product out scenario based on a component that the previous vendor (not Dee Electronics) informed us had gone obsolete. We did not have the full details on the manufacturer or manufacturer part number of the component we had been purchasing. We sent Dee a couple of photos and a sample hoping they could assist. There were no clear markings on the part however Dee, being the sourcing experts that they are, was able to find the manufacturer in Germany and verify the part was not obsolete. Additionally, Dee located immediate stock stateside as well as immediate stock on a very similar part from the same manufacturer that Dee shipped a sample overnight to our Lead Electrical Engineer for review and acceptance. Dee followed up even outside of normal working hours to keep traction on this project. Dee was able to send in samples very quickly and once our Engineering department approved their samples they had production parts arrive the very next day. 'Talk about Service'. Dee Electronics takes and operates with our problems as golden opportunities. We appreciate the fact that we have a Value Added Integrator like Dee Electronics on our side as they bring value to the table each and every day. Any OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer that does not take the time to listen and understand the difference Dee Electronics makes is missing out on a very good thing."

- Bill Hammers, Assoc Supply Manager